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Four Lessons on Digital Learning Implementation


We interviewed Nadia Shamsuri, Head of Learning and Development from Maxis and Hariharan, from Ambank on their digital learning journey at the recent Learning Shift! event.


Here are four key lessons we learned so far. 



1. Embracing digital learning starts from the top


As a company, Maxis is moving towards digitalisation. One of their core values is Living the Maxis Way, which is all about new ways of working. Therefore, when the L&D team spoke to the senior team about digitalising learning, it is already aligned with the company’s vision.


This helps them move quickly along their journey of digitalising learning. In a little over a year, they have already adopt 3 digital learning tools; Lynda, SmartUp, Harvard Manage Mentor. 



2. Blended learning: get your learning partners involved


Nadia shared their approach to blended learning which includes a pre and post workshop component. They held a learning partners and vendors briefing to share their learning digitalisation approach and their expectations of Maxis learning partners.


The Head of Learning and Development at that time stated that learning partners and vendors that are willing to adopt Maxis digital learning tools in their proposed solutions will have competitive advantage to work with Maxis. 



3. Start small to build confidence 


The highly regulated nature of banking industry means that transforming corporate learning is more complicated. Hari from Ambank started with a simple augmented reality tool, to embed step-by-step procedural videos into training manuals for new equipments.


This enables their people to have access to a visual and accurate procedural information at their workplace. This is their first digital learning tool used in their training, which paves the way for more adoption of digital learning tools. 



4. Marketing is crucial 


This is for the sustainability of your digital learning strategy. Marketing the new tools to your team is important for the successful uptake and use of the learning tools. Nadia highlighted two distinct groups to market to, leaders and employees in general.


They spoke to leaders to show them how the tools can be useful for them, make course recommendations based on their capability framework and link the relevant tools to their team’s needs.


They marketed to all employees via shared articles on their intranet, showcase top 10 courses enrolled by employees, and engage learning champions from different division to get the word out. 



Want to know more about digital learning for your organisation?

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Talk to us and we can help you make your move. 


Listen to the podcast below for the full interview.










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